Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Asha Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department is a comprehensive, integrative Child and Adolescent mental health services, training and research unit of Asha Hospital. Has been providing psychiatric services for all age groups of children from 0-1yr since 5 years. It has been a teaching centre, importing knowledge on child development and identification and treating of common psychiatric disorders to DNB students. It has the distinction of being the first psychiatric centre, being recognized for starting postal doctoral fellowship in child psychiatry under NTRUHS, AP 3yrs ago which is shifted to KNRUHS, Telangana 1yr back.

Staff: Dedicated unit with Sr.Consultant Psychiatrists

Dr.M.GowriDevi Head Of the Department & Academic Director

• Clinical Psychologist: Mrs. Narayani
• Special Educator & Remedial teacher: Mrs. Suruchi Bhargava
• Speech Therapist : Mrs. Vinitha Singh
• Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Nirmali Deori

Department: Outpatient: Inpatient Services
Child Psychology unit; Play Therapy unit; Speech Therapy unit; Occupational Therapy unit; Special Education.

Services: Screening, Clinical Evaluation, Pharmacological and Psychological Intervention by Consultant Psychiatrist.
• Psychological Evaluation: Assessment of intellectual functioning, Behavior, Educational and Temperamental, educational assessment.
• Speech Evaluation and Training in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Speech delays.
• Speech education and Remedial education for Intellectual disability; Specific learning Disabilities.
• Play Therapy for Behavior and Educational disturbed, Autism children.

ABCD Early Intervention:
Asha Behavioral oriented Comprehensive Development based early intervention for High Risk Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Behavioral Modification therapy for ADHD, Autism and other disruptive disorders of childhood.
• Psychotherapy: Life skill & Social Skill training for Adolescent disturbed children.

Academic and Research:
• Training of DNB students in identifying, diagnosing and training common child Psychiatric disorders part fulfillment of the training.
• Extensive, Comprehensive teaching training and research for post MD, DNB students in the specialty of child and Adolescent mental health.
• Presentation and Publication of papers on child mental health issues.

Community Child Psychiatric Services:
• Serialization programmes for teachers; parents and children on psychological issues of children and Adolescents
• Life Skill & Social Skill Programmes
• Workshops for teachers; parents
• T.V. program on child psychiatric problems

Liasion with
• Neuroloy department of Rainbow hospital
• Juvenile board & Child Welfare Department; Telangana State.