Psychiatric Consultation is provided 7 days a week by the following senior psychiatrists:

Asha Hospital

Rd No:14, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500034
Phone: 040-6675 2222, 23542838

Asha Brain & Spine Clinic

with Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Services
For Appointment call: 8977000182

Consultant Appointment Details

Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar, Managing Director

Speciality: Geriatric psychiatry, Memory clinic
For Appointments Contact: 8977000178

Dr. G. Prasad Rao, Director

Speciality: Schizophrenia & Other Disorders
For Appointments Contact:8977000182

Dr. M.S. Reddy, Director

Speciality: Mood Disorders

For Appointments Contact:8977000179

Dr. M. Gowri Devi, Director

Speciality:Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
For Appointments Contact: 8977000184

Dr. Ramana Cherukuri, Director

Speciality: Alcohol & Drug De-Addiction
For Appointments Contact:8977000181

Dr. G. Jagannath, Director

Speciality: Emergency psychiatry & Rehabilitation
For Appointments Contact:8977000175

Dr. Ajay Kumar Saxena, Director

Speciality: General Psychiatry
For Appointments Contact:040-66752222

Dr. P.Chytanya Deepak, Director

Speciality: General Psychiatry
For Appointments Contact:8977000181

Dr. O. Jyothi

Speciality: General psychiatry
For Appointments Contact:8977000178

Dr. I. Bharath Kumar Reddy

Speciality: General Psychiatry
For Appointments Contact: 040-66752222