Dr. G.Jagannath, DPM

Asha Hospital is a premier Institute of Psychiatry in the private sector at Hyderabad. Apart from providing clinical care, the Hospital is recognised as a postgraduate training centre in Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Nursing.

Dr. G.Jagannath is a Director and senior consultant at Asha Hospital.

He has done his MBBS and DPM from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad

He has been in clinical practice for the last 25 years.

He was a co-investigator for various Clinical Trials at the National and International level. His main interests are Rehabilitation and Community Psychiatry. He has authored few topics on important Major Mental Disorder in the Regional languages for the Benefit of lay people and community Social Worker. He conducts free Psychiatry Clinics for the Benefit of Village People and distributes Psychotropics free of cost.