Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar,DPM, MD(Psych)

Asha Hospital is a premier Institute of Psychiatry in the private sector at Hyderabad. Apart from providing clinical care, the Hospital is recognized as a postgraduate training centre in Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Nursing.

Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar is the  Founder Director and currently Managing Director and senior consultant at Asha Hospital.

After completing his training in Psychiatry at NIMHANS, Bangalore, he worked as faculty at the Institute of Mental Health Hyderabad and as a consultant to various corporate Hospitals.

He has been in clinical practice for the last 35 years.

He is the Past President of the Indian Psychiatric Society-South Zone and Vice President of ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan. He is also Managing Trustee of Chetana Medical and Educational Trust which, in association with the Institute for Rural Health Studies, runs Rural Community psychiatry Services.