It is recommended to get an appointment to see the Doctor at a specified time. Direct Walk- in may take up to one – two hours depending upon the Doctor’s schedule.

OP Registration Charges – Rs. 100 

Consultation (Doctor) – depending on the consultant – Rs. 500 – 2000

Average duration is 4 – 7 days, but varies from case to case.

You should plan to bring your clothing, foot wear, personal care and things required for your daily needs. Please leave any items of value at home for safekeeping, including jewellery, electronic devices, and cell phones. Cell phones and Laptops are only allowed with special permission. If you are already using any medications for your general health condition, it is advised to carry them along with a valid prescription.

De-addiction services are available both as Out and In patient basis. Please contact Asha Deaddiction Clinic or Asha Deaddiction Centre.

Though cashless insurance facility is not available, Reimbursement following discharge from hospital can be availed by submitting required documents to the concerned departments.

All the staff and doctors arefully vaccinated and all precautionary measures according to government COVID guidelines have been followed throughout the pandemic.

Every Patient need to be first assessed by the Emergency Psychiatrist in the ER and based on the condition of patient, Primary consultant will decide for the admission in the wardsor in the rooms. Admissions can be done 24/7 anytime to the main hospital. Admission to Asha Deaddiction Centre, AJRC and Golden Oak cannot be done directly, only after the initial assessment, evaluation and after investigating and stabilizing the patient in Asha hospital, Banjara hills, we can plan to shift the client to our other units if required.

Yes, it is required for an attender (preferably a family member) to stay along with the patient during the acute management, food and bedding will be provided to attender also.

For Patients advised ECT on Op basis by the Doctor, patient is supposed to be on Nothing by Mouth (NBM) from 12 midnight and should come before 8 am to the hospital.

Pharmacotherapy (Medications), Counselling sessions, ECT, Transcranial Magnetic stimulation, Transcranial direct current stimulation, Biofeedback, Ketamine therapy etc


We have specialized clinics for Addictions, Geriatrics, Women care, Child care, Schizophrenia, Bipolar and OCD etc

Absolutely. We follow rigorously enforced laws of confidentiality to protect your privacy.

We go with a comprehensive and holistic care. Along with your Mental health, we also take care of your medical issues. Regular rounds by Physicians and Intensivists are done. We have a separate HDU for Intensive care and Emergencies. We have on call Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Neurologist, Urologist, Nephrologist, Dermatologist, Surgeon, Orthopaedicianetc

Yes, you can get admitted by submitting the required documents, Valid passport, Valid Visa etc. We have been admitting and treating patients from various countries/different parts of the World.

We have 24/7 Ambulance service, but we do not send ambulance to pick the patient from their residence. We use ambulance for shifting patient to Diagnostics, General hospital and also for shifting patient from out Acute care centre to our speciality units like Asha Deaddiction centre, AJRC and Golden oak.