Patient Policy

Patient Policy

Patient Policy

Measures taken by the hospital

We  provide safe and high quality care to patients. 

To achieve this goal, the following policies have been defined :

  1. Patient-centered care
    With the greatest concern for our patients, we shall make every effort to provide the safest and most comfortable environment possible for them when receiving medical services regardless of their race, religion, economic and social background.
  2. Early detection of threats
    We report incidents when they are experienced or recognized to detect safety threats and to take prompt actions for risk mitigation.
  3. A Human Factors approach to patient safety
    We  analyze root causes of incidents or adverse events and implement hospital-wide preventive measures taking into consideration human factors.
  4. Patient advocacy
    We have established the Office of Patient and Family Relations to listen to patients’ concerns, comments, and complaints and swiftly respond to them, making use of patients and family members’ voices in further improving hospital functions.
  5. Education and training for patient safety
    We educate and train the clinical and administrative personnel of the hospital to strengthen their knowledge and expertise in patient safety, communication and teamwork skills, and threat and error management.
  6. Building just and safe culture
    To promote voluntary incident reporting and to improve hospital systems for patient safety, we make continuous efforts to establish a just and safe culture in collaboration with the hospital board, managerial staff and front-line clinicians.
  7. Provision/Updating of Patient Safety Manual
    We have prepared and distributed the “Patient Safety Manual” to the clinicians and administrative personnel. We shall also review and update it as necessary.

Patient Information Sheet

  1. The patient’s relatives are requested to provide the necessary items/articles requested by the staff at the time of admitting the patient
  2. Relatives are also requested not to keep any money, Gold Ornaments or any other valuable items with the patient. In case of theft of any cash or valuable things, the hospital will not be responsible. Relatives are requested to co-operate with the hospital management in this regard.
  3. The hospital does not have any custodial care facility. Relatives are requested to stay along with the patient and take care of their needs. Doctors and staff members are not responsible in case the patient leaves the hospital on his own will.
  4. Washing of clothes is not permitted inside the premises of Hospital
  5. Only one attendant is permitted with the patient, and they should obtain Visitor Pass from the authorities. In case if there is a change of attendant, the same should be informed to the Authorities
  6. The relatives are requested not to carry cell phones when they visit the patients.
 Patient’s Rights

  1. Every person with mental illness shall have a right to live with dignity, to live in a safe and hygienic environment. 
  2. To have adequate provision for wholesome food, sanitation, space and access to articles of personal hygiene.
  3. To be protected from all forms of physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse.
  4. A person with mental illness and his nominated representative  shall have the rights to  the following information namely:

    His/her right to make an application to the concerned board for a review of the admission

    The nature of the person’s mental illness and the proposed treatment plan which includes information about the treatment proposed and the known side effects of the proposed treatment. 

    Receiving the information in a language and form that such person receiving the information can understand. 

  5. A person with mental illness shall have the right to access their basic medical records as may be prescribed.
  6. A person with mental illness admitted to a mental health establishment shall have the right to refuse or receive visitors and to refuse or receive and make telephone or mobile phone calls at reasonable times subject to the norms of such mental health establishment.
  7. Any person with mental illness or his nominated representative shall have the right to complain regarding deficiencies in provision of care, treatment and services in a mental health establishment.