Tenet Lab Facilities

Tenet Lab Facilities

Tenent Diagnostics

Tenet diagnostics is a state-of-the art diagnostic centre which is providing its services to Asha hospital for a diverse range of tests, like blood tests, imaging of brain, urine tests.


The speciality of this centre is that it is one of the few centres which provides specialised tests which our patients specifically require, Serum lithium levels, Absolute Neutrophil count, Serum valproate levels, Serum cholinesterase levels to name a few.


 A significant portion of our patients suffer from substance abuse, but they are unable to explain the content of the drug to the doctors in scientific terms. Hence, Tenet has come up with a specialised urine test for 6 and 9 drugs of abuse panel. A highly sensitive test which accurately detects the type of drug present in the body.


 Due to high load of tests being sent to the lab from the hospital, the lab has set-up a collection centre in the hospital itself, where not only medicines are tagged and dispatched to the lab. But also appointments are prioritised for our patients who require any imaging studies on both IP and OP basis.