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25 Bed Facility || 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE || 15000 + Happy Clients and Families

Asha De-addiction Centre

Asha hospital has been at the forefront of providing psychiatric care for the past 25 years. Asha De-addiction Centre is an extension of Asha Hospital with over 15 Years of excellence and 15000+ happy patients. Our Centre is a comprehensive facility where all the needs of the client can be addressed by professionals in a stress-free and safe environment.

At Asha De-addiction Centre, we layer individualized treatment plans with methods that are outcome-based, scientific and are recognized by  International & National organizations as effective for substance use disorders and/or co-occurring disorders.


To improve the mental health of the community by setting the standard of excellence in Psychiatry with Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Art therapists, Motivational speakers, Yoga teachers and Counsellors to provide evidence-based services. Delivering the highest quality healthcare is a partnership that involves the patient, family and our dedicated team of physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals and support staff.


 To assist people with Alcohol or Drug dependence to achieve total abstinence and sustain it over the long term. To enable them to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.


Treatment Plan:

 We have specific programs designed to re-acclimate the recovering client back into a balanced, productive life. Rather than treat a person for 30 days or more and move them along, our programs recognize the need for small things which have a big impact like Physical exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Personality Development, Art and Music therapy, etc.Our treatment network shelters all sorts of addictions and the starting point for it is detoxification. 

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Our individual counselling sessions are designed to comfort the client while addressing the pains and struggles they are experiencing and group therapy is where clients are exposed to others that are struggling with similar challenges. It reinforces the notion that a client is not alone. Treatment also includes Motivation Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trigger analysis, craving management, Time Table Management, Relapse prevention, Stress management, breathing exercises, Relaxation techniques, and Coping skill training. Treatment for Comorbidities and Dual Diagnosis has also catered at the facility.


Services and Facilities at Asha De-addiction Centre:

 It is a 25 bedded facility. We can provide a wide diversification of care, unique addiction treatment programs with some of the best recovery success rates in the Country.

  • Individual and Sharing Rooms
  • Ac Rooms/Non Ac Rooms
  • Food/Snacks/Tea are given as per schedule
  • Daily Qualified Psychiatrist Consultations
  • 24/7 Nursing Care
  • Pharmacological Management including Detoxification, Anti Craving and Maintenance treatments
  • Counselling by Qualified Psychologists
  • JPMR classes, rTMS and Biofeedback
  • Badminton, Table tennis, Basketball, Indoor Games.
  • Gym with Fitness coach
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Class
  • Painting Classes
  • Art Therapy sessions
  • Music sessions
  • Personality Development & Motivational classes
  • Evidence-based lectures by Psychiatrists on Addiction and Recovery
  • Regular Family Counselling both offline and online
  • Spa and Body Massage by a Specialist Physiotherapist
  • 24/7 Water facility
  • Hot water in all washrooms
  • Purified Drinking water
  • 24/7 Power Backup
  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 House keeping
  • LED Smart TVS and Wifi
  • Saloon Facility
  • Laundry Facility

Our Team includes:

  • Psychiatrists
  • 2 Clinical Psychologists
  •  DNB Residents
  •  Physicians
  •  Motivation Speakers
  •  Personality Development \ Mentors
  •  Yoga Teacher
  •  Art Teacher
  • Music Artists
  • 3 Nursing Staff
  • House Keeping Staff
  • Admin manager
  • Fitness Coach
  • 24/7 Security Guards

We believe that Addictions are due to underlying brain disease with contributing environmental factors. We treat patients using Medications along with Counselling sessions& we also address the Family and Psychosocial factors. We also involve them into fitness, games, yoga, personality development, art, painting and Music sessions. Qualified Psychiatrists & Psychologists with a vast experience in the field of Addictions, visit the centre daily. Round the clock security and nursing care is available. Our main hospital (Asha hospital, Banjara hills) isvery near to our centre, so we work as a team and the patient will be first assessed, evaluated, investigated and stabilized in our main hospital and later shifted to the Asha Deaddiction Centre.

  • It is advised to stay for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Duration varies from patient to patient.

Yes. Addiction can be treated successfully. There has been significant scientific research over the years in the field of addiction and its treatment. This has led to the development of evidence-based interventions in substance use disorders that helps people stop abusing alcohol and other drugs and resume sober, productive lives. Medical management (Tablets), Counseling sessions and support from the Family and Doctors will usually improve the client. Asha Deaddiction Centre has almost 15 years of experience and we already have 15,000 happy clients and families.


Those who are addicted to Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis (weed), Opioids (Heroin, Cough syrups, Tramadol etc), Sleeping pills, IV Injections, Cocaine, Gambling, Internet addiction ,Online gaming etc.

Of course, they can come and meet the patient with prior permission. In fact, we feel involving family members in counseling sessions is the most vital part of Addiction treatment.

It is a 25 bedded spacious facility with Single AC, Sharing AC and Non AC sharing rooms.

We give the best in class treatments and facilities at a very affordable price. Always keep in mind; Treatment cost is far far cheaper than the cost of Addiction and its consequences.

We need to first go with Detoxification and withdrawal management with tablets. Later, we select a suitable tablet for Cravings and Relapse prevention.


Very few centers have Qualified Doctors and Psychiatrists. It’s pertinent that the addiction treatment center you choose requires all staff members to be certified mental health professionals with relevant education. Our centre has qualified Psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, and Counselors etc

Psychiatric and medical care:

Addiction often co-occurs with Mental or Physical health issues and it’s imperative that you receive integrated treatment to fully address the scope of the problem. Our centre is an extension to our Main hospital, Asha hospital, Banjara hills, for Addictions and its related problems. We are a team of Psychiatrists, Physicians, Intensivists, Emergency doctors, on call Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Gastroenterologist, Urologist, Neurologist, Residents, Nurses etc. All sorts of Psychiatric and Medical conditions are also addressed along with the treatment of Addictions. Having a 96 bedded Acute care centre (Asha Hospital) as a backupis the biggest strength of our centre.

Family involvement:

Fostering a healthy family dynamic is a key element in sustaining recovery from addiction. Our centre involves family regularly in the Family sessions.

Individualized treatment plans: Quality treatment facilities will do an intake evaluation in order to diagnose any underlying psychiatric problems. This will allow them to customize a treatment plan catered specifically to your needs.

Location: You will want to decide if you want to travel far away for your rehab or if you’d like to remain close to home so your friends and family can visit. Our centre is located in the heart of the city at Jubilee hills, Road no 86.

Yes, you can use your laptop and other things which are required for your office work and continue your work from the centre also.

 Our Team:

Dr. Ramana Cherkuri

Dr. Ramana Cherkuri

Director, Consultant Psychiatrist

Director, Asha De-addiction Center

Dr. Sandeep Kondepi

Dr. Sandeep Kondepi

Consultant Psychiatrist

In-Charge, Asha De-addiction Center

Purvi Maski

Purvi Maski

Clinical Psychologist

Address :

Asha De-addiction Centre

Plot  # 451, Road no 86, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500096, Telangana


Phone: 7337304359, 040 – 23540126

Text: 7799564271 (Only Whatsapp)