Hospital Pharmacy

Asha hospital has a well stocked Pharmacy containing a wide range of Psychotropics which caters not only to patients who are being treated by in-house psychiatrists but also outsources its services to certified psychiatrists of the city and to an extent both Telugu speaking states.


Asha hospital being a specialised centre of psychiatry provides wide range of Anti psychotics, Antidepressants, Anxiolytics and many more which are not available in other health centres.


Asha hospital is also one of the few health centres in the Nation, both private and public, which is authorised to dispense Qudict (buprenorphine and naltrexone combination), for the treatment of Opioid dependants (with strict protocols).The pharmacy also stores Ketamine for Ketamine therapy used in treatment of depression.


There is also availability of routinely used anaesthetics for ECT. The patient doesn’t have to visit other centres or pharmacy for procuring these drugs for the procedure, which are available at a minimal cost.

Since there is a general physician who visits the hospital for assessment and treatment of medical issues in patients, commonly used Oral hypoglycaemic agents, Antihypertensives, Antibiotics and Antipyretics are also availed easily.


The management has done its best to make sure that a patient is never turned away disheartened that his precious time is being wasted in exploring other pharmacies for psychiatric medications.


Courier services to parcel the medications to the patient’s residence is also provided. However, methylphenidate used in the management of ADHD is the one drug which is unavailable due to strict government regulations, but the management is doing their best to get permission for it.

Tenent Diagnostics

Tenet diagnostics is a state-of-the art diagnostic centre which is providing its services to Asha hospital for a diverse range of tests, like blood tests, imaging of brain, urine tests.


The speciality of this centre is that it is one of the few centres which provides specialised tests which our patients specifically require, Serum lithium levels, Absolute Neutrophil count, Serum valproate levels, Serum cholinesterase levels to name a few.


A significant portion of our patients suffer from substance abuse, but they are unable to explain the content of the drug to the doctors in scientific terms. Hence, Tenet has come up with a specialised urine test for 6 and 9 drugs of abuse panel. A highly sensitive test which accurately detects the type of drug present in the body.


Due to high load of tests being sent to the lab from the hospital, the lab has set-up a collection centre in the hospital itself, where not only medicines are tagged and dispatched to the lab. But also appointments are prioritised for our patients who require any imaging studies on both IP and OP basis.