Op and Online Consultations

OP & Online Consultations

OP Services and Teleconsultation

Our Outpatient setup offers round the year OP consultation services (including on Sundays) with 25+ psychiatrists at our venue, with an option for teleconsultations as well.


Speciality OP clinics for: De-addiction, Child & Adolescent mental health, Women’s mental health, Geriatric psychiatry apart from OCD clinic, Bipolar clinic and Schizophrenia clinics.

OP starts from 7:00 Am to 9:00pm

Fixed time for various speciality clinics and consultants

24/7 emergency services

OP ECTs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

OP rTMS, tDCS, EEG Monday – Saturday

OP Psychometric evaluation, Psychotherapies

Metabolic clinic

Long Acting Injection Clinic

Memory clinic

Geriatric Day care

Online consultation facilities

Xray, Lab facilities – TENET Diagnostics lab

Pharmacy with courier facilities available