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Asha De-Addiction Clinic (ADC)

Substance use is a growing Global and National concern. 269 million people worldwide, which is roughly 5.6 % of the global population aged 15-64 years, used drugs at least once during 2018.


Indian Statistics:

28 Crore Tobacco chewing

16 Crore Alcohol users

15 Crore Smokers

3.1 Crore Cannabis users

2.3 Crore Opioid users

1.18 Crore Sedative abusers

80 lakh Inhalant users

20 lakh Amphetamine users

13 lakh Hallucinogens users

12 lakh Cocaine users

10 lakh Injectable users


The treatment gap is very high for substance use disorders. (i.e., if 100 people require treatment, only 25% (25 members) receive treatment and 75% (75 members) will not approach for any treatment.



When you are stuck in the cycle of addiction, recovery can seem out of reach. But no matter how powerless you feel, change is possible with the right treatment, right medications, right counselling, right coping skills and right support.
Don’t give up, even if you’ve tried and failed before. 
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Meet our expert team who have a vast experience in treating Addiction and its related problems: 

Dr. Ramana Cherukuri, Dr Sandeep Kondepi and Dr Chaitanya Laxmi.


We at Asha Hospital, Banjara Hills have Specialized Therapies and Treatment modules for all types of Addictions, on an Out-Patient and In-Patient basis.


Modules for Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco chewing, Cannabis, Opioids, Stimulants, Sedatives etc. 


Modules for Behavioural Addictions like Gaming, Gambling and Internet Addictions etc.



  • Detailed Evaluation and Assessment.
  • Specific Blood tests and Urine tests.
  • We do tests for biological markers for different types of substances.
  • Urine Drug Screen (Both 6 and 9 panel)
  • Using standardized Screening and Diagnostic scales for Identifying Drug Use and Dependence.
  • Complete Pharmacological management including Detoxification, Anti-Craving treatment and relapse prevention.
  • Counselling session
  • Psychoeducation
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • MET (Motivational Enhancement therapy)
  • Triggers Analysis
  • Craving management
  • Time table management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Stress management
  • Family counselling
  • Diet plan
  • Regular follow up plan
  • Treatment of Comorbidities and Dual diagnosis
  • We teach JPMR, Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


  • Emergency Psychiatrist detailed workup.
  • Detailed evaluation and Assessment.
  • Detailed History taking.
  • Complete Blood and Urine Workup.
  • Gastroenterologist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist etc review
  • Physician Rounds
  • Complete Pharmacological and Psychological Management for all types of Addiction.
  • Treatment of Co-morbid Medical and Psychiatric Illness.
  • Daily Consultant Psychiatrist rounds
  • Daily DNB residents’ rounds
  • Daily Counselling sessions.
  • 24/7 Doctors backup and Nursing care
  • Specialized Modules and Therapies for each and every Addiction.
  • Separate Family sessions.
  • Separate HDU back up to treat Complicated withdrawals, Seizures and Delirium.


We always work as a Team including Emergency Care psychiatrists, Consultant Psychiatrists, Speciality Psychiatrists,  Junior Psychiatrists, DNB Residents, Physicians, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists, Urologists, Nephrologists,  Intensivist, Anaesthetist, Nursing staff, Psychologists, Counsellors and Physiotherapist.


Once the In-patient is stabilized in Asha Hospital (Main Building) the client can be shifted to Asha Deaddiction Centre (25 Bedded).There the client will have Pharmacological management, Counselling sessions, Gym, Outdoor/Indoor games, Yoga, Art therapy, Music sessions, Painting classes, Group and Individual classes, Family sessions, Personality development, Motivational classes and many more. It is a one-stop solution for all your Addictions and Related problems. It is a 30 or more days Intensive program.

  1. Biofeedback
  2. TMS (TRANS-MAGNETIC-STIMULATION: We use Advanced equipment and updated protocols to treat Cravings and Other aspects of Addictions.
  3. Special Investigative procedures like CO Breath Analyzer and Spirometry for Smoking Cessation.
  • You get a Feedback of the CO levels in your body within Seconds by using an advanced British Technology (Pico) Breath Analyzer. 
  • We check the lung function tests by using Spirometry and we also give them information about your current Lung age.


  • We have DNB training in Addiction Medicine.
  • We have Academic sessions, Case presentations, Journal clubs, and Group discussions regarding substance use disorders.
  • We are involved into extensive research and Clinical trials in Addictions.
  • We continuously participate in events related to substance use.

Those who are unable to quit Alcohol, Cigarettes, Tobacco chewing, Cannabis, Opioids, Sleeping pills, Cocaine, Injectable drug abuse, Inhalant abuse, Excess internet use, Onlinegaming, Gambling etc. We do a detailed assessment and guide you to get rid of your addictions with medicines and counseling.

Always there is hope and treatment for Addictions. We follow scientifically proven Evidence based treatment modules and therapies for all sorts of Addictions. Our team is lead by

Dr. Ramana Cherukuri,

Dr. Sandeep Kondepi 

Dr. K. Chaitanya Laxmi.

After giving the initial feedback of the patient’s assessment and health condition. We explain in depth about Addictions and its impact on the patient’s life. We do Motivational enhancement therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, teach them How to manage triggers, How to control cravings, How to prepare a time table, Life style modifications, Diet plan, Relaxation techniques, family counseling, relapse prevention techniques and regular follow up.

Treatment can be given on Outpatient or In patient basis. Once the Inpatient is stabilized in our Main hospital (Asha Hospital) we can even plan for a comprehensive Rehabilitation program at our Asha Deaddiction centre at Jubilee hills.


  • We give Medicines for Withdrawal management, Sleep, Craving and long term relapse prevention.

  • We give Medicines for Co morbidities associated for addictions like depression, anxiety, psychosis etc

  • We do Counseling for all sorts of Addiction and related problems.

  • We do Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) sessions, which is a safe and non invasive procedure approved by FDA for Addictions.

Yes, we do a 6 panel and 9 panel urine drug screens which detect almost all the drugs commonly used. We do few specific Blood and Urine test to detect the biomarkers for the drugs used. We also use Pico Smokerlyser to detect the Carbon Monoxide in the smoker’s body and also do pulmonary function tests and give a feedback of your lung age in smokers.

With the available information on antipsychotics and mood stabilizers while breast feeding, serious adverse events related to these medications have not been reported. However, there have been reports of milder adverse events such as jitteriness, irritability, excessive sedation, lethargy, slowed motor movements, excessive crying and sleep disturbances in infants exposed to psychotropics.

Patients with severe withdrawal and other complications are advised to get admitted for a holistic management. We are a team of Psychiatrists, Residents, Emergency doctors, Gastroenterologists, Neurologist, Nephrologists Cardiologist, hysicians, Intensivists, Anaesthetist etc. We have a separate ward and HDU to manage Delirium and Seizures due to Alcohol or Drug withdrawal. We treat all the medical complications related to Addictions.


For Eg: (Alcoholic liver disease) we treat the alcohol addiction and also his/her liver condition simultaneously.

Our Team 

Dr. Ramana Cherkuri

Dr. Ramana Cherkuri

Director, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Sandeep Kondepi

Dr. Sandeep Kondepi

Consultant Psychiatrist

Rithika Kamaraj

Clinical Psychologist

Vasudha Kothapalli

Counselling Psychologist

Address :

Asha De-addiction Clinic

Asha Hospital

Plot no 298, Road no 14, Resham Bagh

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, Telangana

Phone : 7337304325,

Text : 7799564271 (Only Whatsapp)